New birthday cards available

New birthday cards for 1, 2 and 3-year-olds are now available from my Etsy shop! You can buy them here. Save
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I’ve created a little self-promotional piece: Nanzine, an 8-page fanzine all about me. Let me know if you’d like to receive a copy!   Save
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Collage College new website + workshop

Collage College, our little get-together of cutting and pasting while sipping beer, is getting more serious. We've now got a website, www.collagecollege.co.uk, where you can see our collages, learn a bit more about us and see upcoming events. And it is with much excitement I can announce our next event will be at Secret 7", on Sunday 28 February...
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Social media stamina

I'm rubbish at social media. I don't feel comfortable sharing things with the whole wide world, and I also find it quite time consuming to keep everybody informed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and through my website (as you might have noticed :-). But I would like to improve my social media skills somewhat, because I realise it is important in this day and age, especially as a freelancer...
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Collage College exhibition

For the last two years my friends Louise Mason, Lisa Harker, Nick Scott and I have been running a collage club where we get together to cut and paste while sipping beer...
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New greeting card for sale

For another project I drew this clay bust of Lionel Richie, which appears in his famous Hello video, and I just couldn't resist turning it into a greeting card...
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