April 2012

Bare Naked Beer poster

Fresh from the press: the poster I designed for Cardiff based microbrewery Artisan Brewing to promote their monthly BAR OPEN event! Somewhere hidden away in the leafy neighborhood of Pontcanna is a garage is filled with an impressive array of kettles, pumps, pipes and hoses. This is where Simon brews his fine beers according to traditional recipes from all over the world.
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Pub Carpet Crawl #2 – Now that the mist has cleared

I wasn’t sure if the second edition of the Pub Carpet Crawl could top the magical first crawl, but much to my relief this edition has really lived up to the high expectations! To be honest, it was somewhat disappointing on the carpet side, but this has been fully compensated by other unexpected finds and happenings. Now that – after three days – the mist has cleared I can tell you our story… F
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