Big Feet

I spent this weekend answering a call for submissions by Pictoplasma – the world’s leading festival of contemporary character design. They called for views on Bigfoot/Yeti: “one of the last mysterious entities without a clear depiction in our culture of visual overdose and instant google-search gratification“. Great thing is that some of the entries will be presented at an exhibition in Paris in December. I’m not into character design big time, but I thought I’d have a go. But even though I know my chances are slim,  I don’t really care what happens with it because I had a ball doing it anyway!

∧ So Bigfoot is somewhere between man and ape. And bear? And Chriet Titulaer??


∧ I imagined Bigfoot being very self-consciousabout his big, ugly feet. A bit like myself, I don’t think they’re my most attractive feature. When bare-footed in public I tend to scrunch up my toes, as to hide them..

∧ Or maybe he’s very vain when it comes to his big feet and he spends many hours pedicuring them. Or even worse: he has a bit of a foot fetish!

∧ Then I thought about how difficult it would be for him to do yoga.

I also played around using different materials. I thought I had some fake fur lying around which I could use, but alas. I wondered what else I could use to create a hairy texture… So I emptied my hairbrush and tried felting it (I even looked online into the iffy world of felting human hair..) and shaping it usingsome wax and an iron (a tip I picked up from a felting-human-hair-forum). Not unexpectedly this one turned out pretty gross! ∨
In the end I concluded Bigfoot is most likely to be a very shy creature; that’s why we don’t see him that often. But luckily for him he can sneak off quickly thanks to his big feet! ∨
  1. Anonymous

    Looks just like my son after a one hour vegan lunch, borrow some cash, tell me about his week of preening and then sneaking a wave goodbye….we all have our big foots and we love them!!

  2. Nicole

    HAHAH! Your Big Foots..Feet…are great! his character really comes out in all the different ways they’re meant to and I love your lines! The felted hair one is kinda gross, but super awesome haha!

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