Bologna Children’s Book Fair *tips*

Before leaving for Bologna I read up on a couple of blog posts by other illustrators for tips (I found quite a few helpful tips and links on Laura Wood’s blog). They really helped me prepare, so I thought it'd share mine here as well...
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Time off in Bologna

It was so much fun traveling with another illustrator! When Sarah and I weren’t at the fair we walked through the streets of Bologna, stopping frequently to sketch. Or to go into a second hand shop. Or eat a gelato...
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Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Last week my friend and fellow illustrator Sarah Edmonds and I traveled to Bologna, Italy to visit the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. It’s the place where once a year all the publishers of children’s books gather to sell and buy rights. But basically everybody involved in children’s books (and apps) is there...
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Doodlers Anonymous Coloring Book

Doodlers Anonymous is a really fun website about ehm well doodling and people who love to doodle. There are interviews, showcases and they've published two colouring books. Recently there was a call for doodlers to submit work for colouring book vol. 3 and here is my entry! It's based on drawings I initially made for a pattern called The Garbage Thief, inspired by William Morris' The Strawberry Thief...
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Walter Potter’s Curious World of Taxidermy

Less then a mile from where I live, on a rather leak strecht of Mare Street in East London, you will the mysteriously named Last Tuesday Society, a fabulous curiosity museum and shop. Two floors are filled to the brim with stuffed animals, exotic objects like shrunken heads and other oddities...
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Dead Man Working

It's not in my usual line of work, but still worth a mention: the cover photography I did for the book Dead Man Working by Carl Cederström and Peter Fleming. I had to make fake blood and then create puddles and splatter it around, which was heaps of fun!
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Can Your Monkey Do The Dog

Who would have thought a book fair could be so much fun! Over 60 lovely artists sold their (handmade) books and zines at the Ffotogallery in Penarth last Saturday. Lots of people came down, the place was heaving all day! I played records on my portable record player (the Fidelity) and I had the pleasure of ending the already brilliant day with a packed dance floor at the afterparty at 10ft Tall!
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Buy ‘What I Wore Today’!

You can now pre-order buy the book What I Wore Today - Doodle Yourself into a Style Icon by illustrator Gemma Correll on Amazon! The book is based on Gemma's What I Wore Today blog and Flickr group, where people upload their drawings of, well, what they wore that day.
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