book Nederland in 2050

“Nederland in 2050” outlines possible future scenarios for The Netherlands in terms of urban and rural planning, demographics, infrastructure, transport, energy, work, shifting focuses and values, global vs local and climate change. The book was commissioned by Dekker Group, a Dutch firm that specialises in quarrying sand, clay and stone, to help them determine their long-term strategy and their mission of becoming a
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city-scape mural Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery

For the new Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery I created a 2.5 x 7-meter city-scape of the city of Doncaster. It features many of Doncaster’s landmarks, as well as some key items from the museum’s collection. There is a lot to see and explore in Doncaster! [click on image to enlarge]
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Illustrated map for Londonist Drinks book

Illustrated map of the Karl Marx pub crawl along Tottenham Court Road for the book Londonist Drinks, published by AA Publishing. It features six pubs, some of which Karl Marx visited while on his infamous bender in the late 1850s. His pub crawl ended in a wild police chase after Marx and his friends got up to some serious mischief. The map also indicates a few other Marx-related landmarks in the area: his former home
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Menus, website images and font for Borrel, Toronto

Menus for Dutch bar/restaurant Borrel in Toronto, as well as images for their website and a variety of printed matters. Plus I made them their own ‘Borrel’ font! Website by Departful Media. [click image to enlarge]
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map Amsterdamse Bos

A2 fold-out map of the Amsterdamse Bos, and a cycling route to it from the city centre. Art direction by Saltystudio.
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giclee print Map of Pimlico

Illustrated map of Pimlico (and surrounding areas), London. [click on image to enlarge]
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