Pets Mapology Guide

40+ illustrations of animals (and over 3000 handwritten words) for Would Like To Meet – Matchmaking Pets & People, a guide to help you find your perfect pet.

“Pets and people have enjoyed happy relationships for thousands of years. But how do we know which pet is right for us? And, more importantly, how do we know if we’re ready for a pet? This map is a matchmaking guide with a difference, it’s written from the point of view of the pet. It includes animals for all occasions from cats and parrots to spiders and horses. It will help you understand how much love and affection they can give, how much they may cost over their lifetime, and what they expect from you in return”.

In collaboration with Sarah Farley (writer), Mike Abrahams and Tina Bernstein (concept and design).

Map, poster and postcards available from www.mapologyguides.com.

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Client:Mapology Guides/A to B
Date: 2014