Practice makes perfect


Recently I decided I wanted to take my hand lettering to another level. I’ve always enjoyed doing pretty writing, and would love to do it more in the future professionally.

So I got myself a book (Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy – A Step By Step Manueal by Eleanor Winters) and for the last few weeks I’ve been practicing practicing practicing. It’s a bit like going back to school and learning to write. Though learning the letters is the easy part, it’s getting the slant and spacing right that’s darn hard! I’m almost done with learning the basics, after which I can start free styling (woohoo!).






ˆ I’m addicted, I even practice while writing my shopping lists!

  1. Monique

    O wat leuk om te doen lijkt me!! dat boek wil ik ook!

  2. Georgia

    So stylish Nanna! I worked in The Pen and Paper, Royal Arcade last year and developed an obsession with the coloured inks and pens!!!

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