Another Day at the Office

I’m knee deep in embroidering and sewing for a project for children’s museum Villa Zebra in Rotterdam. A few years back I made, together with Geeske de Graaff, life sized body parts from fabric for the exhibition Completely broken at Villa Zebra. The kids could put the body parts together with poppers to create new human beings, ANY WAY they wanted to. The cool thing about the body parts was that there was something ‘wrong‘ with all  of them: one is cross eyed, another one has pimples, another braces. Some limbs have wounds or are broken, there’s a beer-belly, a leg with varix, a foot with six toes, and so on.

Now the dolls are going to be part of a semi-permanent exhibition at the museum. Therefore they first needed a good wash because they were dirty. Very dirty.

^ Pretty disgusting, innit?!

Some of the dolls need to be repaired. Especially the felt we used became a bit rough after being handled by hundreds if not thousands of little hands.

Villa Zebra also commissioned some new body parts, which I’m creating with my friend Renée Reijnders. This baby in distress will be added to the collection, along with a dog with 5 legs, a trunk with an ‘outie‘ bellybutton, the arm of a very clumsy painter and more. Grand opening will be at the end of November!


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