My pub carpets at Tate Liverpool!

I am beyond excited to announce that I will be taking my pub carpets to TATE (!) Liverpool for an installation on the evening of 12 April. To celebrate their current Op Art exhibition I’ll be creating visuals, using my collection of pub carpet pics, to accompany a (binaural) soundscape by Phil Channell (whose brilliant work you might have heard on the BBC podcast Death in Ice Valley).
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Help! Somewhere, Maybe Here…

Last week I spent a lovely long weekend in Berlin. It was great to back in the city that called home for about a year a decade ago. I got to catch up with friends, visited...
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Social media stamina

I'm rubbish at social media. I don't feel comfortable sharing things with the whole wide world, and I also find it quite time consuming to keep everybody informed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and through my website (as you might have noticed :-). But I would like to improve my social media skills somewhat, because I realise it is important in this day and age, especially as a freelancer...
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