It’s off to Brooklyn

It’s off! To Brooklyn! My submission for The Sketchbook Project. I suffered from the ‘blank canvas syndrome‘ for a long time, but when I had finally decided what to do with my theme (“the grey side of life“) I did enjoy it a lot, experimenting with different techniques and just making silly portraits. Instead of using the ultrathin paper of the sketchbook I used paper made from recycled elephant poo (!!), which I then hand bound together using a saddle stitch. I’m not overly pleased with it and next year I’m going to do everything differently (of course), but it definitely got the creative juices flowing. And I guess that’s what it’s all about. Here are some sneak peeks..

The sketchbooks will go on an exhibition tour in April, starting in New York. Then my sketchbook will travel, along with a staggering 5000 other books, to Chicago, Portland OR, Vancouver, LA, San Fransisco, Boston, Portland ME, Toronto, Philly, Atlanta, Austin, Melbourne and last stop London.

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