Mapology Guides launched!

This summer I had the pleasure of being involved in a great project called Mapology Guides. I was asked by entrepreneur Tina Bernstein and designer Mike Abrahams to illustrate a map slash self help guide on how to find your perfect pet. The map is part of a series of guides that aim to help people with everyday dilemmas (big and small), but in a very visual way. For each map an illustrator was teamed up with a writer, in my case the wonderful Sarah Farley.

Much research has gone into this map to make sure the user understands how much love and affection the different pets have to offer, the costs involved and what they expect from you in return. Plus there are a few interesting facts on there (did you know ferrets can bark and rats like to eat fresh poo?!).

It was great to be involved in the creation of this map from the very beginning and I very much enjoyed the lengthy meetings with my team (partly because there was always yummie food!). To fit over 40 animals and 3000+ words on an A2 sheet proved to be quite a puzzle, but I managed to get them all on there. So I’m very excited to announce that you can now purchase the maps at www.mapologyguides.com and will be in shops soon! The maps are also available as posters, and there are postcards available too.


 Whoomp there it is: Would Like To Meet – Matchmaking Pets & People!

mapology_pets_detail snail


 ^ A small selection of the 40+ pets I’ve illustrated.

mapology_nanna^ I illustrated our bios too :)


^ On the back you’ll find a wealth of information – everything you need to know before you get a pet.

Do make sure to check out the other two maps available: What’s Bugging You, written by John-Paul Flintoff and illustrated by my studio-mate Jenni Sparks, on how to tackle the problems that keep bothering you and move on…


and Be Present Perfect by writer Simon Rodway and illustrator Miranda Sofroniou, that will help you find the perfect gift for someone – whether it’s for a close friend or your boss, and whether it’s to say thank you or to say farewell. I’m definitely going to use that map this Christmas, as I’m desperate not to waste hours and hours in overcrowded shops this year!


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