The Paper Cinema

Last Saturday I went to see The Paper Cinema‘s latest production Odyssey at the Battersea Arts Centre. It was a bit of a trek, but completely worth it; it was the most amazing performance I’d seen in a long long time. In fact it was so beautiful it made me cry!

It’s difficult to explain in words what exactly The Paper Cinema is, or rather does. Using several cameras and projectors and cut out drawings they create a unique form of live animation. A trio provides a live soundtrack and some special sound effects. Because the puppeteers and musicians are seated in front of the screen you can watch them at work, which makes the performance even more interesting. It was like a comic book coming to life. Not a word is spoken during the entire 70 minutes, still they manage to convey so much emotion and drama to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The show is on for the rest of the week. I might very well go again!


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