June 2015

New greeting card for sale

For another project I drew this clay bust of Lionel Richie, which appears in his famous Hello video, and I just couldn't resist turning it into a greeting card...
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Desk space available in my new studio!

There is a desk space available in my new studio! Unfortunately we had to leave our old place near London Fields because it was being turned into... you've guessed it: flats. But we found a new place in a converted warehouse near Hackney Downs and we all moved into two weeks ago. You'll be sharing with me and seven other illustrators...
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Coming up: Night of the Storyteller

I've been very much enjoying working for TailSpin, an organisation that puts on (experimental) storytelling events and festivals throughout London. This This Thursday's Night of the Storyteller is the last one of the season and with the musical intermezzos from my friends Miss Maud's Folly it's going to be a special evening...
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