Collage College new website + workshop


Collage College, our little get-together of cutting and pasting while sipping beer, is getting more serious. We’ve now got a website, www.collagecollege.co.uk, where you can see our collages, learn a bit more about us and see upcoming events.

And it is with much excitement I can announce our next event will be at Secret 7″, on Sunday 28 February! For this annual charity event 7 tracks are pressed onto 7” vinyl, 100 copies of every track. In an open call for artists creatives from around the globe are invited to submit a sleeve design, and in addition to this open call some world famous artists and designers are asked to contribute as well. The 700 one-off sleeves are exhibited in London and then sold for £50 each, on a first-come, first served basis. But the buyer doesn’t know who created the sleeve (or even which song it’s for), until they bought it! It might be by someone super-famous, or it could be by someone like me.. the only thing you can be sure of is that you’ve got a unique piece of art. This year proceedings will go to Amnesty International.

You can join us for a workshop and create a sleeve for submission on the day. We’ll start of the day with a little talk on the history of collage by Nick Scott, who has designed tons of gig posters and album sleeves for the likes of The Cribs. You can sign up for the workshop here on the Secret 7″ website.


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