DJ set at Harringay Arms

With the imminent arrival of a January Blue Moon, it has been celestially decreed that Annexe The Moon will be releasing their forthcoming single ‘Full Stop’ in all good online stores on January 31st 2018. To coincide with this occasion, we will be pleased to see you at the wonderful and recently revamped Harringay Arms in Crouch End.
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The House Of (my) Dreams

Outsider art has fascinated me for a long time. I think I first came across the concept in the book Art Worlds by Howard Becker, which was required reading at uni (it explains art as a collective action of not only artists, but suppliers, dealers, consumers and critics as well). After having spent a semester in Boston as part of an exchange program, I went on a month long road trip through the east of the US...
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I turned the food faces that I made at Collage College into a zine! Buy all them 28 faces from my Etsy shop.
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Annexe The Moon album artwork

A while back I was asked to create some artwork for the "melodic Psych-Scousepop" band Annexe The Moon. And now it's out on Great Sheiks Music: their first single 'Ever Meaning Less'. It was great to hear them being played on BBC Radio 6 on release day! Have a listen and/or buy it on Bandcamp or iTunes.
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Secret 7″

Every year Secret 7" presses 7 tracks onto 7” vinyl, 100 copies of every track. In an open call for artists creatives from around the globe are invited to submit a sleeve design. Iin addition to this open call some world famous artists and designers are asked to contribute as well...
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Collage College new website + workshop

Collage College, our little get-together of cutting and pasting while sipping beer, is getting more serious. We've now got a website, www.collagecollege.co.uk, where you can see our collages, learn a bit more about us and see upcoming events. And it is with much excitement I can announce our next event will be at Secret 7", on Sunday 28 February...
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Collage College exhibition

For the last two years my friends Louise Mason, Lisa Harker, Nick Scott and I have been running a collage club where we get together to cut and paste while sipping beer...
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