Drawing in front of the telly II


‘I find drawing in front of the telly very therapeutic because I watch something like “The X Factor”, which only needs half an eye, and have a couple of beers, so I’m sort of loosened up. Then I get my felt pens out, so I’ve only got half an eye on the drawing as well. It’s quite a good way to operate – your impulse control is low and that’s good.’

Ever since I read about how one of my favourite living artists Grayson Perry draws in front of the telly, I haven’t been able to watch anything without sketching. It has really helped loosing me up (even without beer, though I’ve done some sipping a cocktail..).

I recently bought some felt pens, to go Grayson Perry all the way (I got half-sized pens at Paperchase, which are also very good for drawing on the go – just chuck a few in your purse). I think I haven’t used felt pens since I was in elementary school, but now I’m totally rediscovering them. You can even do sort of a wet-on-wet technique, so the colours blend.




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