Live jazz life drawing



I hadn’t been to a life drawing session for ages, so I was absolutely determined on going to one yesterday evening. But at the very last minute plans altered and I ended up going for a very spontaneous shandy at the pub, followed by a lovely meal and topped off with some excellent live jazz. Best Tuesday night in a long time! Since I had my sketchbook with me I decided to do some doodling while enjoying the music. So in the end I even got my life drawing fix! The double bass, hands and lots of movements provided some different challenges than a nude model..
On were a piano trio called Eyes Shut Tight. As you can see in my drawings these were fairly young lads. The piano player spent most of the gig in his socks; his Nike Airs neatly placed under the piano. Funnily enough, one of the tunes I enjoyed most was a cover (or should I say adaption) of System of a Down.

Despite the grubbiness of the venue (though that adds to the charm really) they have some fantastic jazz musicians coming to the upstairs function room at Dempsey’s in Cardiff. It’s really worth taking a look at the Jazz at Dempsey’s website (which is just as unassuming as the location) to see what’s on. And if your hair isn’t grey you’re sure to receive an extra warm welcome!

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