life drawing


When I was young my mother would always be painting and drawing. She would draw my brother and I while we were watching television, or she'd draw the scenery from the car while my dad drove us towards our holiday destination. She would doodle while being on the phone and always keep a sketchbook...
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Park life

I'm loving this summer! But as much as I enjoy the heat, the temperatures at the studio are pushing it a bit.. It's been so hot (35C!) I've been forced to take my drawing pad outside. Luckily I live close to two lovely parks. I couldn't resist making some doodles of all the interesting characters that were surrounding me...
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Getting creative with a beermat

This rather stern looking owl is my entry for Inkygoodness' Beermat Character Competition. I didn't want to create a character that was ├╝bercute or comical, so I made a grumpy guy...
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Live senior punk rock life drawing

Totally random but highly enjoyable evening in the backroom of The Royal Oak in Cardiff last Friday, where several bands performed for Big Scott's show on Cardiff Radio. My mate Matt from Quiet Marauder (who gave a brilliant performance themselves that night) joined these old geezers on percussion. One guy was sound asleep throughout their entire set haha.
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Live jazz life drawing

I hadn't been to a life drawing session for ages, so I was absolutely determined on going to one yesterday evening. But at the very last minute plans altered and I ended up going for a very spontaneous shandy at the pub, followed by a lovely meal and topped off with some excellent live jazz. Best Tuesday night in a long time!
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