October 2014

Mapology Guides launched!

This summer I had the pleasure of being involved in a great project. I was asked by entrepreneur Tina Bernstein and designer Mike Abrahams to illustrate a map slash self help guide on how to find your perfect pet. The map is part of a series of guides that aim to help people with everyday dilemmas (big and small), but in a very visual way...
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Achill Island work in progress

I had hope time would pass more slowly on Achill Island, but unfortunately this hasn't been the case. On the contrary, time has been flying by! Today is our last day at the Folly. My mother and I have spent our days painting and drawing on various locations on the island, taking photographs, and keeping the stoves burning...
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Artist retreat on Achill Island, Ireland

When my mum came to visit me in London earlier this year we spent a few very enjoyable days drawing together. We both loved it so much, we said to each other 'we should do this more often!'. My mum came up with the idea of going on an artist retreat and found this cottage on the West coast of Ireland, owned by a group of artists from Amsterdam...
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