The Britons love carpet in public places. I admit, it does add a homey feel to the place (pub, train, cinema, casino, TOILET!). But to most people from the Continent the idea is just disgusting. Think of all the dirt and filth that gets absorbed by it! Now I’ve come up with a theory that the Brits have the most outrageous, busy carpet designs that so any kind of stain will blend right in, whether it’s red wine, blood, ale, pub gub, dog shit or puke. So actually these are very clever designs! Like, can you spot the popcorn on this one? ∨

Would you spot a squashed chip, or spilled macaroni carbonara on this one? ∨

About two years ago I started taking pictures of carpets in pubs and other public places. So far I’ve managed to collect about 75 different carpets. But the last few months I’ve been adding fewer and fewer, for the simple reason that I’ve photographed all the carpets that grace the floors of my regulars. So now it’s time to venture into unknown territory…That’s why I’m organizing a PUB CARPET CRAWL! I’m planning to make this a bi-monthly thing, each time exploring different parts of Cardiff (or perhaps in the future other UK towns and cities) for yet undiscovered carpets. Everybody’s welcome, the more people to have beers and to critique carpets with the merrier! In order to cover as much pubs/carpets as possible I’ve come up with a few ‘rules‘:

    • obviously, no carpet = no drinks.
    • no drinks in pubs whose carpet has already been added to the collection
    • only one drink in each pub
    • only half pints, unless you want the up-close carpet experience!

This first crawl will cover the famous/notorious Canton Mile. There are about 15 pubs on that stretch of Cowbridge Road East, and with only the Ivor Davies’ carpet already in the collection we’ll have plenty to choose from!

As a tease a couple of highlights from the collection; view them all here.


  1. Casper

    Bring it on!

  2. Nicole

    almost like the carpet version of the Cosby sweater. maybe if our studio floors had been so (arguably?) fashionable we wouldn’t have been quite so eager to get rip them off! haha

  3. Sarah

    Such a wonderful idea! I’m so pleased that your quest for carpets has now been combined with alcohol for everyone :) I will always have a soft spot for the cinema additions though xxx

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