My “Pub Carpet Craze” in KLM inflight magazine

It's crazy but true, my pub carpet collection got a mention in the December issue of KLM's inflight magazine Holland Herald!! In case you're not flying KLM this month, flip to page 12 and see for yourself! If you haven't already, take a look at all the carpets I've collected so far (about 165!) on Flickr...
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Pub Carpet Crawl #6

It's been far too long since I've organized a Pub Carpet Crawl. Though the last two London crawls were loads of fun, they were not very successful in terms of carpet-count, so I think I had been demotivated a bit by this... But a feature in the December issue of KLM's inflight magazine Holland Herald (yes yes!!!) should be celebrated with another crawl!!
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Pub Carpet Crawl #2 – Now that the mist has cleared

I wasn’t sure if the second edition of the Pub Carpet Crawl could top the magical first crawl, but much to my relief this edition has really lived up to the high expectations! To be honest, it was somewhat disappointing on the carpet side, but this has been fully compensated by other unexpected finds and happenings. Now that – after three days – the mist has cleared I can tell you our story… F
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After a truly EPIC first edition, it is my pleasure to announce Pub Carpet Crawl #2!! On Saturday March 31st we will set out for the area of Roath in Cardiff. The route looks promising, with pubs ranging from charming locals to ‘interesting’ dives… We’ll meet up at 18.30 at the pub with the swankiest toilets in Wales (really a must-see, despite having no carpet!): The Ernest Willows on City Ro
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Pub Carpet Crawl #1 – The Lowdown

Wow, the first Pub Carpet Crawl has really been a big success!! Despite the dreadful weather over 20 people turned up to brave the pubs on the notorious Canton Mile in Cardiff. It has been a pleasure for the eyes in many ways, as you will see for yourself in the pictures below. It was also successful in the sense that nobody got the ‘up-close carpet experience’, we only lost one man along the way and nobo
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The Britons love carpet in public places. I admit, it does add a homey feel to the place (pub, train, cinema, casino, TOILET!). But to most people from the Continent the idea is just disgusting. Think of all the dirt and filth that gets absorbed by it! Now I've come up with a theory...
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