A while back I finally got around to putting some shelves up in my studio to display my collection of zines and illustration related magazines. And recently I finally got around to taking a picture of it. I now I’m finally getting around to actually blogging about it! I’m pretty pleased with it, I wouldn’t go as far as to say it ties the room together, but it definitely brightens the place up.



On the upper shelf, from left to right: The Illustrated Ape, Can your Monkey do the Dog by yours truly, The Cardigan Heart by Lizzy Stewart, Skelet Man by Geeske de Graaff, Brain Blood Volume 2., by Ian Watson, Did you know that Flapjacks can Rhyme? by Sarah Edmonds, Birds of a Feather by Saskia Haex, Monotonos by Albert van Nood, …

On the lower shelf: a couple of zines I bought at Desert Island in Brooklyn NY, a zine I got through my subscription to Zine of the Month, Nobrow magazine, Egel & Ballon by Jeroen Funke, a couple of issues of A Sick Zine and Zo Ordinair by Gees Voorhees.

Special mention goes out to A Sick Zine, a zine that was born in 2010 during a workshop I taught with Geeske at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Tonight the boys of A Sick Zine will be presenting their fifth issue – De MEGAZINE – in style at Roodkapje, Rotterdam.┬áThe release will coincide with the opening of an exhibition on A Sick Zine, which is up till June 17th. They also made a great video to show you how the zine is made. WITHOUT THE USE OF A COMPUTER (this was the golden rule in our workshop and I’m happy to see they’re still sticking with it)!


Their zines usually sell like the proverbial hot cakes, so (pre-)order from their website!

  1. Nicole

    SOOO COOL!! Probably way beyond me, but I would have so much fun trying to do that! I wouldn’t even mind that mine didn’t look as great as theirs! ;u;

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