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Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Last week my friend and fellow illustrator Sarah Edmonds and I traveled to Bologna, Italy to visit the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. It’s the place where once a year all the publishers of children’s books gather to sell and buy rights. But basically everybody involved in children’s books (and apps) is there...
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Print swap

Before I vacated my studio I made sure I swapped some art work with some of my very talented studio mates. I swapped a drawing of a cat with Godmachine for one of his limited edition Seven Lives mugs...
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A while back I finally got around to putting some shelves up in my studio to display my collection of zines and illustration related magazines. And recently I finally got around to taking a picture of it. I now I'm finally getting around to actually blogging about it!
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The gallery-part of the Jazz Gallery

I've got a little group exhibition coming up over at A Shot in the Dark - one of Cardiff's nicer coffee cafes. The exhibition is part of the Jazz Gallery, a weekly jazz night that aims to provide a platform for local jazz musicians and artists.
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