I’ve signed the contract so it’s official: as of January 1st 2012 I’ll have a studio space in the Morgan Arcade in Cardiff! With 12 other illustrators, designers and artists I will move in on the second floor of this beautiful Victorian arcade. I’m very much looking forward to having an ‘office’ (which means home will be a home again) and ‘colleagues’!
  1. bart

    Great news! Hah … yeah, working at home is really killing me to be honest, it is also making me feel sick to sit behind my computer to do anything besides work … having an ‘office’ sounds pretty excellent to me at present …
    does that mean you’ll get all officed-up each morn … fancy suit, fancy shoes … fancy tie! :-)

  2. tantetill

    Great stuff. Sounds like a great year ahead!

    I will be coming back to the UK myself, so hope to go for another pint in the new year!

    Merries and Happies to all!

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