secondhand stuff

A day in Awesomestow

I had a wonderful day in Walthamstow, east London yesterday. I now totally get why this suburb is dubbed Awesomestow. A museum, vintage shopping, a warehouse filled with neon signs and a mircobrewery made it a great day out...
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My Dansette

So about two weeks ago I bought a vintage portable record player on eBay: a Fidelity HF45, built in 1971. It’s a great little machine; very reliable, running smoothly, recently serviced and fitted with a new earthed plug (and cleaned with an awful smelling sort of formaldehyde!).
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Warmest wishes

Warmest Wishes and Happy Holidays my dear readers! This year I made a card inspired by vintage Christmas cards featuring pets, more specifically cats. I found a lot of these and they are just bizarre...
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The lipphone

  Look what’s gracing my desk as of today!! Finally hunted one down for £3.99 at a charity shop. So happy!
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