May 2012

ZELF again

Today kids museum Villa Zebra sent me some really nice pictures of their semi-permanent exhibition ZELF! The exhibition consists of six interactive art installations that are tucked away in a big box. By opening one or more doors these installations are revealed and 3-6 year olds can get their hands dirty (metaphorically speaking).
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Gig spree

You could say I've been on gig spree: in 9 days I've seen about 14 bands, varying from jazz to indie, from hip hopto folk, from garage rock to gypsy. My spree kicked off with Fránçois & The Atlas Mountains. I had to battle the elements to get to this gig, but once inside the venue the atmosphere couldn't have been in greater contrast with the miserable weather outside.
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Live senior punk rock life drawing

Totally random but highly enjoyable evening in the backroom of The Royal Oak in Cardiff last Friday, where several bands performed for Big Scott's show on Cardiff Radio. My mate Matt from Quiet Marauder (who gave a brilliant performance themselves that night) joined these old geezers on percussion. One guy was sound asleep throughout their entire set haha.
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A while back I finally got around to putting some shelves up in my studio to display my collection of zines and illustration related magazines. And recently I finally got around to taking a picture of it. I now I'm finally getting around to actually blogging about it!
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The gallery-part of the Jazz Gallery

I've got a little group exhibition coming up over at A Shot in the Dark - one of Cardiff's nicer coffee cafes. The exhibition is part of the Jazz Gallery, a weekly jazz night that aims to provide a platform for local jazz musicians and artists.
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